About Us

Airacer is the first and only online marketplace in the General Aviation industry. Founded in 2015, Airacer is located in New York. The multi-cultural team is comprised of former developers from Google and Bloomberg and former commercial pilots. Currently Airacer has been funded by the Chinese investor iBeehub and the Saudi-American investor Algosaibi International Group Fareed Asad. Airacer is the one-stop shopping site for your overall aviation experience. By seamlessly connecting flight service providers to future pilots, flight enthusiasts and AvGeeks, we make flying more accessible to you. Airacer is dedicated to providing a platform where aviation enthusiasts can share their passion with like-minded people. From the moment Airacer launched, we have effortlessly brought you closer to the sky.

Who we are

Wen Wang
Chi Zhang
Chenguang Yang
David Jensen

To adventures:


If you are a future pilot, flight enthusiast or flight lover, you can enjoy a variety of flight services from introductory flights, to sightseeing flights, to flight training to aircraft rental. We deal with all aircraft types including airplanes, helicopters, gliders, para-gliders, hot air balloons, drones and more!

To service providers

Whether you run a flight school or are a free-lance certified flight instructor or a commercial pilot, Airacer is for you! Airacer provides you with a complete management system for your business and your schedule. It even helps you to track aviation weather. More importantly, the Airacer system exposes you and your business to the enormous number of customers waiting to be served by you.

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