For Flight Enthusiasts

Flight Adventure

Do I need any prior flying experience before I sign up for a flight adventure?

Is there any age requirement of flight adventure?

Do I get a certificate after I complete my flight adventure?

Is it safe to take a flight adventure?

What are the models Airacer uses for flight adventures?

If I am not a U.S. citizen, but I still want to take flight adventure, what should I do?

Pilot Certificates

What is the eligibility to acquire pilot certificate?

What can I do with my private pilot certificate?

For Flight Service Providers


How does Airacer protect my data?

What kind of service does Airacer provide? What are the differences between Airacer with the other e-commerce marketplace like Groupon and LivingSocial?

How do you process the payments and who is your credit processor? How long does it take you to fulfill the payments?

I have a flight scheduling system already. What makes Airacer better than my current system?

Can Airacer integrate my current data and system with Airacer’s flight management system?

So what does Airacer do to enlarge the customer base for me?

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*If your question is related to a specific product or flight service provider, please contact that flight service provider directly.
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